Finally Put my Hooks down


If you crochet or knit or for that matter do any crafts then you know how hard it is to stop. Well for the past year I’ve been working on several new designs but when it comes to typing them out and posting them I have such a hard time. I just really hate to put my hook/needles down. As it is I have very limited time to work, My only free time is when my kids are sleeping or on the weekends when my Husband is home from school.

Well with that said I’m going to try to stay off the hooks for a while to get caught up. As I work on writing the patterns I will keep you guys updated on the latest. Hope you guys like what you see 🙂


About crimsonscholarsacademy

I am Retired US Army and now stay home with my three kids. I love all crafts but defineately lean more towards Crocheting and Knitting. In order to challenge myself more I am now writting patterns with I will offer for free as long as it is for personal use. Hey a girl has to earn a living too lol! I'm hoping that by having this small homebased business I will be able to continue staying home with my children. I sell items that I make as well as crafting supplies at discount prices so if you get a chance stop by my website and take a look around :) In the mean time I hope you like my blog. I am also On Blogger and My webpage has a blog (all pretty much the same though)

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