I am a recently retired US Army Disabled Veteran now stay at home mom. I due to recent circumstances I found myself needing to bring in extra money to put food on the table. So my wheels started turning. I take to many medications so I can’t hold down a regular job and I didn’t want to live off of the Government. Then it hit me! I love to craft mainly Crocheting and Knitting but dabble in everything. I love to keep myself busy and now this is my newest venture. I sell my handmade goods on my website http://www.AffordableWonders.com as well as on Etsy. Keep in mind that my goal will always be customer satisfaction.

In this blog I would like to share any new products that I am working on, Occasional Free Patterns, Free Tutorials on anything really but mostly crafting, My life (hey sometimes a girl just wants to talk!), Business and Product Reviews.

For Contests, Giveaways and Coupon Codes don’t forget to find us at:

“Follow Me on my Journey from Working US Army Soldier to Work From Home Mom”~Cristina Barnes


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