Rumba For Toddler


Hello all! Rumba came about because the yarn called out to me. Now I am not a yarn snob….  but I do normally steer clear of RHSS as it is pretty rough to my hands so I can’t imagine really making anything to wear with it. But this colorway was just screaming my name (Mexicanna) and when I touched it didn’t feel as rough as I thought it would be. I wasn’t really sure what I would make with it but I knew that it would be for my daughter and it had to be LOUD!

When my Dear Husband saw the yarn he was surprised that I brought it home! lol Normally I am pretty conservative with my colors and rarely do variegated yarns (I like to work with textured stitches and I feel solid yarns better show off the stitches) Well back to the story… My hubby almost spit his drink out when I told him I would make something for our baby girl to wear! He just couldn’t imagine how such loud colors could possibly look good in a garment of any kind.

Well Rumba was born a few hours later. Still hubby couldn’t imagine it being worn in public! Well we went to dinner and I dressed her in the outfit that she is wearing in the photo. And guess what?! My husband LOVES it!  Well on to the reason you are here THE PATTERN! 🙂

The Boring stuff:

©Cristina Barnes  “Affordable Wonders” 2011

This Pattern is Copyright Protected. Please don’t copy or reproduce this pattern in any way without express written permission from me. Feel free to link back to this blog. Please do not sell items made from this pattern. I put a lot of time and love into my And this is the only way that I provide for my family. If you would like to make these to sell please just purchase the pattern it is only $1.99 and will be emailed to you in PDF format Click Here for the listing.

Abbreviations Used and Video tutorials Just click on Hyperlink  🙂




Double Crochet


Slip Stitch


Double Crochet 2 Together

WW yarn (I used Red Heart SS in Mexicana), Crochet hook US Size N,

Guage is not really crucial! But for those that must have it  4″x4″ 5 rows and 8 stitches

Note: Ch 2 does not count as a stitch.

Ch 60 Join to 1st stitch to form circle. Careful not to twist.

1) Ch2 DC in same as Ch2 and each stich around. SL ST to join

2) Repeat 1 for 2 rounds

3) Ch2 DC2TOG, DC in next 30, DC2TOG, DC to end, Sl St to join

4) Ch 2, DC2TOG, DC in next 14, DC2TOG, DC in next 14, DC2TOG, DC in next 14, DC2TOG, DC to end, SL ST to join

5) Ch2,* DC2TOG* Repeat from *3 times, DC in next 39, DC2TOG to end, SL ST to join

6) CH2, DC in each stitch around

7) Repeat round 6 for 2 more rounds but do not SL ST on the last round to join instead make an invisible seam Click Here for a video tutorial if you don’t know how to do this.

Please make sure to use common sense when letting children wear anything around their neck to include this cowl as it can potentially be a choking hazard.


My Rendition of Angry Birds Inspired Hat Red Cardinal


So I designed this hat for my husband. 1st time ever that he has actually requested something crocheted. Went something like this. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make an Angry Birds Hat. I would totally wear it everywhere” I didn’t know what to do with myself! I ran tripped over my feet and fell on some red yarn…. Ok maybe not but I stopped everything and  started working on his hat. I know there are several patterns out there for the hat but 1) I prefer to design my own patterns and 2) well I didn’t really see any patterns that I liked.

Well it took me a few days to get it to where I liked it. I wanted the hat to have earflaps but I wanted the earflaps to be more “bomber” style and I didn’t add braids as I just don’t really like that look on men. After I assembled all the pieces. My youngest son caught a glimpse of the hat next thing I know he asked me for one as well. You’ll notice that my sons hat has a beige belly he requested it to be that way (don’t ask me why cause I have noooo idea)

Well after I finished the hats both my Husband and Son absolutely love them. They proudly wear them and brag 😉

So I ask you which do you think looks better. White or Beige belly?

At the moment this pattern is being tested by 3 wonderful ladies but will be out soon. And if you don’t crochet and would like a hat I will also be taking orders for them.

Finally Put my Hooks down


If you crochet or knit or for that matter do any crafts then you know how hard it is to stop. Well for the past year I’ve been working on several new designs but when it comes to typing them out and posting them I have such a hard time. I just really hate to put my hook/needles down. As it is I have very limited time to work, My only free time is when my kids are sleeping or on the weekends when my Husband is home from school.

Well with that said I’m going to try to stay off the hooks for a while to get caught up. As I work on writing the patterns I will keep you guys updated on the latest. Hope you guys like what you see 🙂

Hello New Blogger in town :) Stop on by and say Hi :)


Meet My Family and Me!

Good Morning all. I hope you had a fabulous Holiday Season. Things are just now starting to go back to normal here in my household. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Cristina and I am the owner /Operator of Affordable Wonders. I’m not exactly completely new to Blogging. (Though I must admit I’m very rusty and rough around the edges) I’ve maintained (using that word very loosely) a Blog on my Main Webpage and though it’s nice to keep everything in one place. I’ve decided to spread my wings. Reason being is that there weren’t many options over there for blogging and getting the word out.  Once I figure WordPress out I will be moving my content from my other blog over.

I absolutely LOVE what I do and the freedom it gives me to be with my kids. My sons are older and go to school and though I loved what I used to and did it well I regret that I didn’t have the option or opportunity to stay home with them when they were younger. Now with my daughter I have the opportunity and am loving every last minute of it! It is rewarding as much as it is hard. What I have found hardest so far is time management. How to draw the line in the business so that I don’t sacrifice time with my Daughter and Sons as the main reason I started Affordable Wonders was so that I can be there for them while at the same time put food on the table.

Things I blog about include Business and Product Reviews, Updates on my latest designs and projects, DIY projects, and the occasional free Crochet or Knit patterns. But at the end of the day it is a Blog and I like to use it to document my Journey from being a US Army Soldier to a WAHM. Let me tell you the transition hasn’t been as easy as I thought. So I’ll be feeding tidbits here and there about this journey.

Well I look forward to your comments and hopefully some new friendships 🙂