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I think I can, I think I can a tale of My Best Friends Wedding


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My best friend is getting married! So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting ready for her wedding. My daughter will be her Flower girl, My sons will be her Ring Boys and last but not least I will be her Maid of Honor. Her wedding is on Feb 12 I will be driving to Ohio with my 3 kids! Oh boy Oh Boy how exciting…. In case you missed the Sarcasm in my typing I wanted to make it clear I AM SOOO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THE DRIVE! But she is my best friend and has ALWAYS been there for me :)

So with all the stress she has been going thru she hasn’t really thought out the little details liiiiiiike what we are going to do with our hair (daughter and I) So I started looking around for ideas even bought a bridal magazine. I found a few took pics and sent them to her. She picked the ones she liked and then started the next challenge how do I make them.

Being a crafter I always have materials on hand to make just about anything, I make it a habit to purchase things when they are on sale or clearance even though at the moment I may not know what I am going to do with them (does that make me a hoarder!)

So we settled on making rolled fabric roses to put on a headband or clip (still haven’t decided) As I made them I took photos along the way so that I could share what I did with you! :)

Materials: Felt, Headband, ribbon (or any fabric that you want to use) I used 1 and 2 inch ribbon, hot glue gun, lighter (to heat seal ribbon) *feathers, birdcage veil material, crystal beads, beads, rhinestones* from* is optional

1) Cut a piece of felt smaller than the rose will be and round it out to a circle ( I didn’t measure my strips but I did cut several to the same size and some a bit longer)

2) Fold in one end of the ribbon to form a triangle (never really found a great way to do this but it seamed to work) then start rolling the ribbon some until it looks like the center of the rose. Put a healthy dot of hot glue in the center of felt and place the ribbon in it make sure that the “Bud” shape is facing up to make it easier to wrap around it.

2) Now it’s just a matter of twisting and wrapping hot gluing along the way about every other wrap. The tighter you twist the smaller the rose will be. I played around with this and got several different sized roses with the same length of ribbon. All of the felt should be covered if it isn’t trim it before

4) When you are almost at the end give it one last twist and instead of wrapping place the rest of the ribbon to the back and glue in place.

Well I just kept on making these until I ran out of ribbon in several colors just to stash them for future use

5) With ribbon of your choice wrap the headband, with felt cut out a “tear drop” well that’s what I did but you can do circle, square whatever your heart desires and arrange your flower how ever you’d like them and then hot glue them on to felt.

I glued the feather first. Then I gathered the birdcage fabric and hot glued that on top of feathers. Next I glued the flowers and a Hand Beaded Butterfly that I made in the center.


OMG! It was sooo hard to…..


Yesterday I found a pattern on Ravelry that I liked. When I visited the blog that it was posted on I liked it even more and the Author was so entertaining that I ended up reading everyone of his posts.

If you are a crocheter you know how hard it is to find or come up with a Crocheted item for a man that has some kinds of texture. Usually they end up looking girly. So normally when I create something for a man I knit it (which takes me much longer than just crocheting it)

So after I was done reading all of Tim’s blogs. I went to my stash found some yarn and hook and OMG! I was unable to put the project down after I started… Which btw was late… At about 11:30ish I caught myself asleep well I made a few more stitches and whaddayaknow I was asleep again! Well after waking up several times I decided I had to put it down for the night. This morning I finished it all of my kids loved and above are the photos.

I did change a few things but that was because I was working with what I had (pattern calls for Chunky yarn I used WW) and my dislike for SC’s.  As you can see everyone LOVES this hat and the way that it is designed it has lots of stretch to it for big heads like mine and will grip small heads like my 3 year old daughter!

Now on to the designer. His name Tim and his Blog is Man-Made…LOVE his sense of humor! And what I love more is he is a Man that Crochets. He  even helps his Wife with projects! (what I wouldn’t give for my Husband to join me one day) Tim grew up around crocheters and knitters and clearly has and appreciation for the Art. He has only been actively crocheting for a few months and is already designing so can you imagine him in a few years! I see a book in the making! Well if you would like to try this pattern out Click here Deep Woods Explorer Cap He also has matching Fingerless Gloves and HERE is his Ravelry project page so you can Hook it  tonight!

My Rendition of Angry Birds Inspired Hat Red Cardinal


So I designed this hat for my husband. 1st time ever that he has actually requested something crocheted. Went something like this. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make an Angry Birds Hat. I would totally wear it everywhere” I didn’t know what to do with myself! I ran tripped over my feet and fell on some red yarn…. Ok maybe not but I stopped everything and  started working on his hat. I know there are several patterns out there for the hat but 1) I prefer to design my own patterns and 2) well I didn’t really see any patterns that I liked.

Well it took me a few days to get it to where I liked it. I wanted the hat to have earflaps but I wanted the earflaps to be more “bomber” style and I didn’t add braids as I just don’t really like that look on men. After I assembled all the pieces. My youngest son caught a glimpse of the hat next thing I know he asked me for one as well. You’ll notice that my sons hat has a beige belly he requested it to be that way (don’t ask me why cause I have noooo idea)

Well after I finished the hats both my Husband and Son absolutely love them. They proudly wear them and brag 😉

So I ask you which do you think looks better. White or Beige belly?

At the moment this pattern is being tested by 3 wonderful ladies but will be out soon. And if you don’t crochet and would like a hat I will also be taking orders for them.