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Naturally a Black Bomb Bird Hat has to Follow


Well after my older son saw the Red Cardinal Angry Birds hats that I made for my Husband and younger Son naturally he wanted his own hat. He requested the Black Bomb Bird. Not needing much of a push to lovingly create something for my son I jumped on it. Now you would think that after creating the Red Cardinal hat I would whip this one up no problem right? Wrong! Lots of frogging went on until I got this hat the way I wanted it.

When I presented it to my son he was sooo happy. Of all the things that I have made my family these hats have been the ones that they have loved the most. All three of my boys (husband included) wear them proudly and brag. That fills my heart with so much joy! My sons wear their hats at all time even indoors lol. And they come home from school excitedly telling me how many people in school love their hat and want one of their own. If you are an Artisan you understand how good it feels when something you made is such a hit.

Well this pattern will be testing soon. If you would like to be a tester for this one leave your comment below. I will need 3 testers.

Well thanks for reading 🙂 have a wonderful day.


My Rendition of Angry Birds Inspired Hat Red Cardinal


So I designed this hat for my husband. 1st time ever that he has actually requested something crocheted. Went something like this. “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make an Angry Birds Hat. I would totally wear it everywhere” I didn’t know what to do with myself! I ran tripped over my feet and fell on some red yarn…. Ok maybe not but I stopped everything and  started working on his hat. I know there are several patterns out there for the hat but 1) I prefer to design my own patterns and 2) well I didn’t really see any patterns that I liked.

Well it took me a few days to get it to where I liked it. I wanted the hat to have earflaps but I wanted the earflaps to be more “bomber” style and I didn’t add braids as I just don’t really like that look on men. After I assembled all the pieces. My youngest son caught a glimpse of the hat next thing I know he asked me for one as well. You’ll notice that my sons hat has a beige belly he requested it to be that way (don’t ask me why cause I have noooo idea)

Well after I finished the hats both my Husband and Son absolutely love them. They proudly wear them and brag 😉

So I ask you which do you think looks better. White or Beige belly?

At the moment this pattern is being tested by 3 wonderful ladies but will be out soon. And if you don’t crochet and would like a hat I will also be taking orders for them.