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HELP! Having a focusing crisis!


Ok didn’t mean to cry wolf but my brain is so scattered right now that I can’t focus on anything. Heck I’m having a hell of a time focusing on typing this blog…. oh darnit see I almost steered off course again!

So I have the newest addition to my Disney Inspired collection of crochet baby sets and I’m so happy with how it’s turning out. I drew my little stick figure schematics, jotted down my measurements and notes even wrote out the pattern as I was making the prototype. Did everything right! Right? So why am I having trouble with what should be such an easy task at this time. Where all I really have to do is read thru for errors and typos, And add the changes for the other sizes?

So maybe it has a little to do with the weather. Or maybe it’s that I know I should be working on my Quarterly taxes as well as our Federal Income taxes, Or maybe I should be cleaning up my house. But most of all my mind is on my Husband which is about to graduate school and start his own business! I love that he is going to be able to make his dreams come true. (stop on over to his blog to see his progress and to participate in the giveaways! Bogey Repair)

What to do what to do?! How do I get back on track?! I had even shut off my web browser just so that I could focus on the document at hand and yet still as you can see I just opened up the browser to write this blog post!

What do you do when you can’t focus? How do you get back on track?

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