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Super Cheap and Easy DIY Non-slip socks


Good Morning! I haven’t been around a lot and that’s because I’ve been super busy! I know no excuse for neglecting my blog!!! But on the bright side I have lots of stuff to add that I believe you will LOVE! So then you’ll forgive and keep comming back :)

On to todays post. I will teach you how to make non-slip socks for little to no money and little to no skills!  I went to Walmart and was going to buy my daughter some non-slip socks but then I saw the price! Not that it was completely going to break the bank but I just couldn’t make myself spend $2.74 on 2 pairs of socks when a 10pk of white socks only costed $3.66! So my frugal wheels started turning. And I remembered that the Puffy paint that my kids decorated a t-shirt with had some resistance. So I got busy to test my theory. Guess what?! It worked!

Now when I say little to no money it’s because most of the people that ready my blog are the craft type (HOORAA!) and more than likely you have all the materials you need in your craft room already. But even if you aren’t the crafty type these are very cheap to make as you only NEED 2 things #1 a packages of socks (doesn’t matter what color or how many that is up to you) and #2 you will need some Puffy Paint (you can find this at Walmart or any craft store) You can buy just one or buy a multipack. So your end project price is up to you! Now on to Optional items: if you are like me you can Crochet or Knit any applique that you want and just sew them on the socks or string some beads or sequins and sew them on. Colorful buttons etc… I’m sure you get the drift by now! You can make these for Boys Girls Men Women babies adults Pets LOL sky’s the limit!

Okay well on to the super complicated instructions to make these bad boys! Grab a pen and paper and take notes lol …. are you ready alright ready or not here we goooooooo.

Step 1: Fold socks width wise with bottom of socks facing you.

Step 2: With puffy paint make dots (or draw a design if you’d like) on bottom of sock to about where the heel is. (be sure to apply a little pressure so that the paint grabs hold of the fibers but not to much pressure that it goes thru the sock)

Step 3: Allow to dry (what I did was make a dot on my work surface so that I could check to see if it was dry)

Step 4: Embelish sock however you’d like!

And that’s it!

Other Ideas ok so lets say you don’t want plain white socks. You can dye them. You can go simple and dump them all in one color or get fancy and tiedye them or use any technique that you’d like.

If yoiu have any other ideas please share with rest us! And if you like this post go ahead and Like share and spread the the word to all of your friends and your friends friends and you ….. Okay I know getting ahead of myself :) I hope you enjoyed the post!


Crochet pattern I created on a whim to decorate my 1st pair.

Chain 6 DC in 2 CH from hook and each across

CH 2 2 DC in 1st DC across 2 DC in last

CH 2 DC in each Stitch

CH 2 DC2TOG DC across to last 2 st, DC2TOG

CH 2 DC across and finish off. weave in ends

Eyes make 2

Majic ring CH 1, 7 HDC in ring SS to join and finish off leaving tail for sewing

Sew eyes on top of “body” one on each corner then put a couple of stitches in between the two eyes to bring them together (will form a small triangle for nose.) Weave in ends

With contrasting yarn attach with SS and SC arount the owl finish off weave in ends. with main color cut 2 strips about 2″ weave them thru a stitch above the Eyes tie knot and trim repeat for other eye.  Sew on to sock!