Intro: Tonsillectomy Adenoidectomy & Turbinoplasty: A living nightmare for my 4 Year old daughter

Our Beautiful Girl a day before Surgery.

Our Beautiful Girl a day before Surgery.

This will be a very long post or series of post not sure yet how I will post them. I’m not a professional writer so don’t need or want grammatical criticism. I’m simply writing this to get my thoughts and experience out in the open with the hope that my experience will help someone with their child.

The Procedure: Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy and Turbinoplasty

Female Age 4 Healthy 48 lbs 3 feet tall

AWESOME! They asked all the right questions right?!?!?! Read on and find out. I have taken the time to write this post for parents that would like a first hand account of how these surgeries affected my daughter. No two cases will be alike I guess so this isn’t the end all be all nor am I a doctor and do not take these posts as medical advice. Just take it for what it is MY experience. There isn’t much information available that truly describes possible outcomes. Especially in babies and toddlers. In our situation our 4 year old daughter has Developmental Speech delay. By that I mean though she looks like a well developed healthy 4 year old her speech development is that of a 2 year old. She also has very high sensory sensitivity. Meaning everything is magnified sounds are louder, rough textures are rougher, gooey stuff is gooeier (ie, finger paints, jello), some fabrics feel like they are tearing her skin off like sandpaper such as tulle. So naturally pain is also magnified. Due to her limited speech development it has been nearly impossible for her to explain to us what is going on and also for her to understand us when we try to explain things such as “I know it hurts but you have to take these meds to help wit the pain” or “Sweetie you have to drink to keep your throat wet so that it won’t hurt as much”.  Our daughter hasn’t been formally diagnosed with Autism because she does make eye contact, she does make emotional bonds, she does try to play with other people. But in my very unprofessional and uneducated search for answers she does show a lot of similar traits as a child in the Autism Spectrum. So this blog or series of blog posts may also help someone with an Autistic Child

Please follow my posts over the next few days. As I am trying to post during this process in between the few times my daughter isn’t in excruciating pain. I will try to answer questions as they come in as I know first hand how helpless and overwhelming this can be for a parent. But keep in mind I am still helping my daughter through this so I sometimes may not answer right away.


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